We believe that precision fermentation and plant-based technologies will drive the majority of animal-free protein consumption in the future, which is why these technologies are the foundation of our growing portfolio of products.

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Our team of world-class scientists and technologists, based at our Innovation Centre in Sydney, are at the forefront of developing new food technologies to address and overcome the global challenges that conventional agriculture cannot.

World class technology
World class technology
Our team

Internationally renowned team

Our accomplished team of world-class scientists and technologists are continuously pushing the boundaries, using naturally occurring microflora like yeast, to produce proteins that are identical to those found in animal-derived dairy and other products.

Nathan Hawkins
Synthetic Biology Research Associate
Precision Fermentation Team
Yuwen Lai
Research Administrator and Coordinator
Plant Based & Precision Fermentation Team
Uday Piyasiri
Flavour Chemist
Plant-Based Team
Tim Tucey
Bacterial Strain Engineer
Precision Fermentation Team
Andreas Hopf
Research Associate
Plant-Based Team
Camille Edmilao
Protein Biochemistry Research Associate
Precision Fermentation Team
Ciara McDonnell
Head of Meat Technology
Plant-Based Team
Damian Frank
Head Flavour and Product Design
Plant-Based Team
David Wollborn
Upstream Bioprocess Engineer & Team Leader Fermentation
Precision Fermentation Team
Daniel Winter
Proteomic Engineer & Team Leader Protein Science
Precision Fermentation Team
Deepa Agarwal
Food Material Scientist
Plant-Based Team
Dennise Diaz Rincon
Metabolic Engineer
Precision Fermentation Team
Elisa Zaparoli Ramos
Fermentation Research Associate
Precision Fermentation Team
Heinrich Kroukamp
Senior Metabolic Engineer & Team Leader Metabolic Engineering
Precision Fermentation Team
Ingrid Zamora
Food Microbiologist
Plant-Based Team
Isabella Loughland
Synthetic Biologist
Precision Fermentation Team
Ivana Russo
Research Intern
Precision Fermentation Team
Jared Raynes
Leadership Team
Justin Snyder
Biofoundry Research Associate
Precision Fermentation Team
Mark Lanfranchi
Meat Technologist
Plant-Based Team
Monica Espinosa Gomez
Metabolic Engineer
Precision Fermentation Team
Roman Buckow
Leadership Team
Rosane Simoes
Head of Research Commercialisation
Plant-Based Team
Sai Praneeth
Data Engineer
Precision Fermentation Team

Making more with less

Bringing together precision fermentation and cutting-edge technology, All G Foods is producing animal-dairy and other proteins for use and application in everyday consumer products.


Using the same biology methods that are used in world-leading research facilities, we train carefully selected microflora to produce the same proteins found in traditional cow’s milk. We are also using AI and robotics to significantly accelerate this step.


The instructed microflora are then cared for in a fermenter, wherethey receive the nourishment needed to produce specific dairyproteins found in cow’s milk.


Once mature, we harvest the microflora’s protein and treat it througha multi-step purification process. The result: a high quality, animal-free dairy protein (identical to that found in nature) in a powderedform.

Redesigning Dairy

Our animal-free dairy protein powder is now ready to be made intodairy products, ranging from milk, cheese right through to chocolatebars. The best part? Our animal-free dairy proteins provide the sametaste and texture as their animal-based counterparts. Our proteins canalso be crafted to better target consumer health and allergy needs.

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Our top priority is to deliver a product that prioritises your well-being! We are dedicated to developing products that have the power to enhance the goodness of nature crafted by precision fermentation. We're constantly striving to stay ahead of the game when it comes to health, nutrition, and overall wellness.

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