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Harmonising nature and science, we've unlocked an untapped world of potential. Led by the brightest scientists and innovators, our team sits at the crossroads of technology, passion, and the natural world. Every innovation we create is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Hence, our value creation lies in bringing the brightest minds together to invest in tomorrow, through passion, technology and collaboration.


You can make a real difference in the world by joining our company. By becoming part of our team, you will help to build a scalable food ecosystem that solves urgent global issues, including food waste and food security.


Join a vibrant, collaborative environment that encourages creativity and personal development. As a member of our team, you will be given the opportunity to take on new challenges, broaden your abilities, and carve your own career path in the fast-paced field of food technology.

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Led by the best Scientists, Food Technologists, and Innovators

We are driven by a vision to deliver protein products of the highest standards. To achieve this, we bring together the world's best scientists and innovators in the field. Our commitment to this ambition is reflected in the passion and caliber of talent that powers our technology.

Tim Tucey
Bacterial Strain Engineer
Precision Fermentation Team
Sushan Perera
Financial Accountant
Sai Praneeth Akula
Data Engineer
Precision Fermentation Team
Rosane Simoes
Head of Research Commercialisation
Precision Fermentation Team
Nathan Hawkins
Synthetic Biology Research Associate
Precision Fermentation Team
Justin Snyder
Biofoundry Research Associate
Precision Fermentation Team
Jared Raynes
Leadership Team
Jan Pacas
Leadership Team
Ivana Russo
Research Intern
Precision Fermentation Team
Isabella Loughland
Synthetic Biologist
Precision Fermentation Team
Dennise Diaz
Metabolic Engineer
Precision Fermentation Team
Deepa Agarwal
Food Material Scientist
Precision Fermentation Team
Daniel Winter
Protein Science Lead
Precision Fermentation Team
Damian Frank
Head of Flavour and Product Design
Precision Fermentation Team
Bonnie Johnston
People & Culture Manager