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Replicating the perfection of nature through science

Nature has already provided us with the perfect blueprint for nourishment. Our cultured dairy proteins, crafted through precision fermentation, are an homage to the nourishing and delicious proteins found in nature, expertly replicating its genius and perfection.Ingenuity and perfection found in nature are the inspiration for the technologies we use.

Our mission is to deliver our cultured dairy proteins to consumers all around the world, with sustainability and ethical supply as our core driver.

We plan on achieving this by partnering with the world leading dairy, food and beverage companies
and brands, while also launching our own consumer brands.

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Rooted in Technology

With a World-Class Innovation Centre, we can take the greatest of what nature has to offer and create a diverse range of cultured dairy products, aided by world-class scientists and culinary technicians.

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Lifestyle without Limits

Our top priority is to deliver a product that prioritises your well-being! We are dedicated to developing products that have the power to enhance the goodness of nature crafted by precision fermentation. We're constantly striving to stay ahead of the game when it comes to health, nutrition, and overall wellness.

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