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Nature + Science, Reconciled

We are a biotech startup driven by our passion for pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and uncovering the marvels of nature. Our mission is to utilise cutting-edge technology to create proteins that are identical to those found in nature through the process of precision fermentation.

We aren't merely delivering sustainable solutions exclusively to the food and beverage industry; instead, we extend our reach to encompass nutraceuticals, infant nutrition, and everything in between.

Replicating the Perfection of Nature through Science.

Our Mission

Combining nature and science to unveil the vast realm of nature identical dairy proteins.

Our Vision

To construct a global system capable of providing nature-identical dairy proteins without the need for animals or farmland and reducing the impact on ecosystems and biodiversity.

How we do it

Led by the world's leading food-tech innovators and scientists we enable innovation and smart technology



Mirroring nature's own composition to produce nature identical dairy proteins without the use of animals, farmland or trees.

rooted in technology

Integrating world-class technology and bioengineering to introduce cutting-edge products to the global market.

lifestyle without limits

Unleashing the potential of nature to elevate health, wellness, and taste.

fermenting with precision

Where nature and science converge to provide the world with nature identical dairy proteins.

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