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Bioengineering holds the potential to unveil the vast realm of proteins. Envision the grand scope: We aren't merely delivering sustainable solutions exclusively to the food and beverage industry; instead, we extend our reach to encompass nutraceuticals, infant nutrition, and everything in between.

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A New Era for Plant-Based Meat: vEEF and LOVE BUDS Unite Under The Aussie Plant Based Co.
We are pleased to announce our plant-based division will merge with Fenn Foods to create which will be known as "The Aussie Plant Based Co." The merger will see All G Foods’ plant-based meat brand, LOVE BUDS, join Fenn Foods’ brand, vEEF, to create a focused and formidable business.
Oct 17, 2023
Jan Pacas
Founder and CEO
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From Microbes to Meals: How Precision Fermentation Is Set to Transform the Food Industry
With a background in molecular biology, I've gained over ten years of experience in protein production. During my academic studies and professional career, I've had the chance to refine my skills and delve into every aspect of the protein production process. Yet, it is vital to recognise that this..
Jul 18, 2023
Daniel Winter
Protein Science Lead
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Proteins: The Secret Weapon to Unlock Your True Potential.
Let’s explore the vital roles that proteins play in the Human Body
May 24, 2023
Melissa Swinscoe
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