Australian Alternative Protein Start-Up, All G Foods Raises Initial $25m In Series A

Aug 2022

Australian owned and made alternative protein start-up, All G Foods today announced the raise of $25m to turbocharge the production of its milk and plant-based alternative technologies.

Agronomics Limited and their affiliate investment vehicle New Agrarian Company is leading this A round supporting All G Food’s mission of designing a sustainable food future.
The $25m secured is part of a larger expected round which will position All G Foods as one of the top funded companies in the cellular agriculture and plant-based sectors in Asia-Pacific. This investment will enable All G Foods to accelerate their commercialisation objectives in both technologies, cementing them as a food innovation lead in the region.

Mr Pacas commented “I could not be prouder of the work my team puts in day to day. It is this commitment that leads to strong investment value. We could not be happier with Agronomics leading our Series A round due to their wealth of experience in funding the cellular agriculture sector. When looking for investment it is critical for us that our investors share our vision for developing technology that can change the way we impact the plant through categories that are simply not sustainable as our populations grow. We are confident with investors like this, we can accelerate our commercialisation objectives and lead food innovation in Asia-Pacific.”

In addition to a fast-growing plant-based meat business, All G Foods has leading dairy precision fermentation expertise and a focus on casein micelle formation that is critical for full functionality in dairy products. All G foods is making advancements in the precision fermentation dairy category, to disrupt the US $700 billion global dairy market.

For more information contact:
Renee Enman

Head of Communications & Corporate Affairs
About All G Foods
All G Foods is a leading Australian food technology start-up that focuses on precision fermentation to produce cultured dairy products, as well as plant-based meal solutions. The company, led by some of the world's leadingscientists in precision fermentation and food technology, believes nature has already provided us with the perfect blueprint for nourishment and is on a mission to deliver a limitless supply of high-quality protein through the power of science.All G Foods has garnered considerable investment and created strategic alliances with industry leaders due to its outstanding track record of success in the Australian market. The development of strategic subsidiaries in China and Singapore, as well as the company's expansion into the APAC area, positions the company for the next chapter in its growth journey. Visit for additional details.

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