Quick-Service Restaurants Unleash Game-Changing Plant-Based Delights! Prepare to be Blown Away!

May 26, 2023
Renée Rogers
Sales Director

Quick-service restaurants have long been associated with burgers, crispy fried chicken, and soft drinks. However, a change is underway in the fast-food business, with most venues now including plant-based options on their menus.

And rightly so! 42% of consumers¹ are now cutting down or eliminating meat from their diets and when eating out-of-home these, flexitarians, meat-reducing consumers, vegetarians and vegans all want to see greater variety on the menu and enjoy more tasty choices than a side salad or a serve of fries.

A great example is Betty’s Burgers that offers its consumers a wide range of plant-based solutions, like the Betty’s Classic Plant, made with BUDS Beefless Burger Patties. These menu items help meet dietary requirements whilst hitting the mark for taste across a broader audience.

Also, as these plant-based options have evolved, smaller venues and culinary groups have been able to show off their own unique plant-based creations. Because of this, there is more interest in plant-based foods and more knowledge about the health and environmental benefits. At BUDS we love to offer products which satisfy these key drivers to consumption.

To sum up, plant-based options are in demand and adding them to your quick-service menu is a good way to give consumers a wide range of choices. More and more people want variety, and these choices help meet that need.

Love BUDS is the way to go if you want to add some love to your meal. Your consumers will fall head over heels in love with our taste first choices. So, instead of breaking hearts, add Love BUDS to your menu today and watch your sales go through the roof!

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